Telangana Mom travelled 1400 km on scooty to bring back her son from Andhra

Arif Niyazi

Telangana’s Razia Begum who is 48 years old travelled around 1400 km from bodhan in Telangana to Nellore in Andhra Pradesh to bring back her son who was stuck in AP from March 12. “He is with me now I am very happy,” Razia Begum giggled over the phone. Her son 19 year old Mohammad Nizamuddin, a student at Narayana Medical academy at Hyderabad, had gone with his classmate in Nellore on March 12. Razia Begum told that she had packed Roti and sabzi for her long ride and also had a can of 5 litre for additional fuel. Razia said that she travelled day and night to reach Andhra Pradesh for her son and when she entered at the border of Andhra the cops were surprised to see her and it takes a lot of convincing to allow me to go. They were worried for my safety but thankfully they grant me permission and now I am with my son.

Razia said she had been driving two wheeler since 25 years. My Husband passed away 14 years ago. This heart warming story of Razia Begum Inspire us for the love, affection and Humanity this kind of efforts need a damn level of courage. “Salute to Mrs Razia Begum for this effort”.

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